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June 16, 2009

  • Having some problems updating the blog-- more HUG coming soon.

June 15, 2009

  • Attending HPS press conference-- announcing portfolio of energy management solutions.
  • Urso's very long presentation will be summarized on Soundoff blog later today.
  • Urso: the Honeywell One platform of solutions from all Honeywell.
  • No longer Urso Magnifico, Dr. One entered in a Tardis...Jason Urso, now vp technology of HPS is giving the roadmap...
  • Go beyond the plant-- manage data at the enterprise level
  • Unifying the automation layers (of the Purdue model)...
  • Convergence of IT and process control...
  • Converting data to knowledge...
  • Wireless as enabler
  • Ubiquitous sensors (Dave Kaufman and my "lick-n-stick" sensors) MEMS+smartdust
  • Norm Gilsdorf new HPS pres. gives HON vision for automation in the year 2020.
  • Honeywell's Virtual CAB
  • 4 new CABs including CSI and distributors
  • There are 18 CABs with 350 participating customers from 25 countries.
  • Mike Carley from Nova Chemicals UAB chair reports on Customer Advisory Boards...
  • UIS enhancements -- 220 so far and counting according to Kindervater.
  • 16 UIS enhancements in Experion R400 release.
  • Tom Kindervater from Marathon is giving the UIS report. Interesting that over 15% req'd upgrades fro aarm mgt
  • Frank Whitsura vp gm Honeywell Americas talks about One Honeywell...pushing products from HPS sister companies.