I need help! The July Weighing and Batching feature is in need of input!

I am writing the July feature on Weighing and Batching and Load Cells and I want to solicit comments from you. If you don't have much to do with weighing and batching, please forward this to somebody who does.



Here's what I want to know:

1. What industries do you work in?

2. Are there any new developments in weighing and batch-weighing technology I should know about, either from a vendor’s or an end user’s viewpoint?

3. If you’re a vendor, do you have a really cool project you can share information about?

4. If you’re an end-user, have you done or seen such a project?

5. In the batching projects that you’ve worked with, how important has the ISA88 Batch Standard become? Why, do you think, or why not?

6. What are the most difficult measurement issues you’ve faced in a weighing or batching application using load cells?

7. Do you do continuous weighing applications, or do you see mostly batch weighing? Can you get the same accuracy in a continuous weighing application as you can in batch weighing? Should you?

8. Do you integrate your weighing system with your control system directly, and if you do, do you have interface, protocol or networking difficulties doing it? How have you resolved those difficulties?

And anything else you’d like to say. I would very much prefer to receive comments from people who are willing to be interviewed on the record (name, company name, location) but I need information, and I want what you have to say, even if you have to be Ms. Anonymous.