I will be using this to teach...Measuring Marketing Second Edition #ISAMS #pauto #pr

I will be teaching out of this book for a good part of the Master Class in Marketing Communications and Public Relations for the Automation Industry, in case you want to get a "textbook" ahead of time.


Variously, John Wanamaker or William Hesketh Lever have been cited as the originator of "I know half my advertising is working, I just don't know which half." Lever, himself, said, "The conduct of successful business consists in doing a few simple things, doing them well, and never neglecting to do them.

John A. Davis puts paid to Wanamaker's complaint with his Marketing metrics work and shows us all what Lever's "few simple things" are when applied to marketing and sales.

At the ISA Marketing and Sales summit we will first look at the things you should do to be an effective marketer and marketing communications manager in the automation industry, and then we'll look at how to set KPIs and other metrics to show that what we are doing works.

You can't manage what you can't measure. You can't measure what you don't see or understand. This book will give us all the tools we need to measure and manage our marketing and sales effectiveness.

See you at the Summit!