If you can't read a P&ID diagram, you need this self-study course

Friends, based on the questions I get, and some of the posts I see on the various automation websites and email discussion lists and web forums, reading a piping and instrumentation diagram is becoming a lost art. Unfortunately, it is a required skill for automation professionals, so I am pushing something from ISA that I think you should make required study for anybody who works for you-- and if you can't read a P&ID drawing-- for you.

Don't depend on your company to buy you this study guide either. Just go buy it.

Reading a P&ID is a self-study workbook offering a concise course on how to read and understand Piping and Instrumentation Drawings (P&IDs). These drawings, also known as Process and Instrumentation Diagrams, or Process and Control Diagrams, are essential to many industrial operations. Reading a P&ID will enable you to:

  • identify symbols and function labels commonly found on P&IDs
  • describe how system components are related
  • trace process stream flow and control loop functions

Order online at http://www.isa.org/readpandid or by calling (919) 549-8411.

Reading a P&ID Included in the workbook are sample P&IDs, reference material explaining ISA symbology, answers to the problems, and a demonstration exercise that pulls together the skills taught in the course. The workbook, which has been reviewed for compliance with ISA standards and practices, covers the following subjects:

  • information on a typical P&ID
  • master sheets
  • symbols
  • instruments
  • line designations
  • tracing process flow and controlling process operations

Please go to the ISA website for more details, pricing, and to orderbooks online at http://www.isa.org/books.