Invensys buys business process management software company Skelta-- what's it mean? #pauto

In their quest to become the world's largest system integrator, Invensys Operations Management has purchased Skelta Software:

According to Tom Clary from Invensys' corporate communications, "Acquiring Skelta makes us more competitive by layering new BPM and workflow functionality onto our open System Platform, strengthening our global infrastructure and widening our base of global ecosystem partners, and it’s another important step in executing our long-term Enterprise Control strategy."

Yep. Gathering the tools to start doing top-down enterprise integration along with the plant-floor integration they've been doing for fifty years...ever since somebody came up with the concept.

Invensys Operations Management may be the only company with both the resources and the resolve to re-invent themselves as a complete operational excellence consultant and integrator with a global footprint.