ISA Announces This Year's Honors and Awards Recipients

Heartiest congratulations to the automation thought leaders who are the recipients of honors or awards from ISA this year, including Control columnist Greg McMillan and John Gerry, George Cheng and Ian Nimmo.

2010 Honors & Awards

Honorary Member
To recognize individuals whose support of, and/or contributions to the advancement of the arts and sciences of instrumentation, systems, and automation are deserving of special recognition

Dean L. Kamen
 DEKA Research and Development Corporation, Manchester NH, USA

Citation:  In recognition of an extended career as an inventor, entrepreneur and advocate for inspiring young people to pursue study in the fields of science, technology, and engineering.

Life Achievement Award
To recognize individuals with a history of sustained dedication to the instrumentation, systems, and automation community.

Gregory K. McMillan
 CDI - Process & Industrial, Austin, TX, USA

Citation:  In recognition of a 40 year of innovation in process control technology through invention, publication of articles, papers and books, as well as teaching the application of control theory.

Fellow Membership

Randy K. Buchanan, Ph.D. (University of Southern Mississippi) Mobile Section / Aerospace Industries & Test  Measurement Divisions
Citation:  In recognition of leadership in developing space hardware processing, automated planetary, and space emulation.

George S. Cheng, Ph.D. (CyboSoft) Northern California Section
Citation:  In recognition of fostering the development of Model-Free Adaptive Control.

John P. Gerry (ExperTune Inc.) Unaffiliated
Citation:  In recognition of pioneering the development of Optimization, Control and Loop-Tuning Software.

Ian Nimmo (User Centered Design Services LLC) Central Arizona Section
Citation: In recognition of visionary development of Abnormal Situation Management.

Technical Recognitions

Arnold O. Beckman Founder Award
Award recognizes a significant technological contribution to the conception and implementation of a new principle of instrument design, development or application.

Not awarded

Albert F. Sperry Founder Award
To recognize an outstanding technical, educational or philosophical contribution to the science and technology of instrumentation, systems, and automation.

Not awarded

Douglas H. Annin Award
To recognize an outstanding achievement in the design, application, or development of the components in an automatic control system from the input measurement through the final control element.

Not awarded 

E.G. Bailey Award
To recognize excellence in the design, development or application in instrumentation and control systems in the utilities or process industries.

Not awarded 

Kermit M. Fischer Environmental Award
To recognize an outstanding achievement in the conception, design, and/or implementation of an application of instrumentation and/or automatic control in the field of environmental science, including applications for the enhancement or preservation of the environment. 

Not awarded.

ISA Analysis Division Luft Award
To recognize outstanding contributions in the analytical technology field.

Robert S. Saltzman, Wilmington, DE, USA

Citation:  For exceptional work in the development of and education regarding the use of UV Photometric Analysis systems for sulfur recovery processes and others.  

UOP Technology Award
To recognize an outstanding achievement in the conception, design, or implementation of instrumentation and/or process control in an area of activity covered by the scope of the Society’s Automation & Technology Department.

Not awarded

Service Recognitions

Golden Achievement Award
To recognize Members who have a minimum of 25 years of continuous ISA membership, continuing active service and contributions to organizational units of the Society, and epitomizes to the membership the ideals of the Society.

Gannesier Ramachandran
   Shell Global Solutions US, Norco, LA, USA
Citation:  For long and continuous dedication to the Society and its ideals.

Distinguished Society Service
To recognize dedicated ISA Members who through long service have contributed to the Society and its organizational units.

Brian Curtis
 DPS Engineering Ltd., Cobh, County Cork, Ireland
John Prince
 Analyzer Products Group, Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Gianfranca Sanzeni
 ISA Italy Section, Milano, Italy
Reg Wood, Ph.D.
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Citation:  For outstanding service and contributions to the Society and its Members.

Emerging Leader Award
To recognize ISA Members who have made significant contributions to organizational units of the Society and its Members and have not more than ten (10) years of accumulated membership.   Years of student membership are not included in the limitation.

Jon DiPietro
   Bridge-Soft, Manchester, NH (Boston Section)
Nicole Stewart-Jensen
    Samson Controls Inc., Calgary, Alberta, CA (Calgary Section)
Citation:  For demonstrating early leadership accomplishments benefiting the Society and its Members.

Education Awards

Donald P. Eckman Education Award
To recognize an outstanding contribution toward education and training in the science, engineering, and technology of instrumentation.

Jorge Otavio Trierweiler, Ph.D.
 University Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil
    Citation:  For outstanding contributions to education and training in the science, engineering and  technology of instrumentation, systems, and automation.

Don W. Thompson Award
To recognize exemplary efforts and achievements to encourage and support student activity and to mentor students.

Richard Tunstall, Ph.D.
 Lee College, Baytown, TX, USA

Citation:  For exemplary efforts and achievements to encourage and support student activities and to mentor students.

Other Awards

Excellence in Documentation Award
To recognize and encourage the presentation of significant information in instrumentation, systems, and automation.

 Gene Cammack, PE, Siemens Energy and Automation, Humble Kingwood, TX
 Francisco Sanchez, PSDVSA
 Luis M. Garcia, G., CFSE
Citation:  For the paper “Permissive Sequencing and ISA94 – The Shape of Things to Come,” published in ISA EXPO 2009 proceedings.

Standards & Practices Award
To recognize significant contributions in organizing, developing, or administering standards and practices.

Mark Coppler
 Ametek Inc., Mckees Rocks, PA (Pittsburgh Section)
Citation:  For leadership in the development of international standards on electrical in hazardous locations and gas detection instrumentation.

Distinguished Friends of ISA
To recognize companies that provide significant support for ISA and assist the Society in achieving its goals and objectives.

Small Company Category:  Alabama Fluid Systems Technologies, Inc., Pelham, AL, USA
Medium Company Category:  Rawson, Houston, TX, USA
Large Company Category:  Fluor Corporation, Southern California Division, Aliso Viejo, CA, USA

Honor Roll Companies: 
   Mustang Engineering and PLCs Plus International, Bakersfield, CA, USA

Outstanding Division Award:
To recognize a Division of the Automation & Technology and  Industries & Sciences Departments of ISA for outstanding activities and definitive reporting during the year.

Automation & Technology Department:  Management Division
Industries & Sciences Department: Aerospace Industries Division

Section Performance Award:
To recognize ISA Sections for achievements or for outstanding accomplishments in a particular area of Section activity.

Approval pending