ISA Honors Its Authors

This just in: Research Triangle Park, N.C. -- The International Society of Automation (ISA) has recognized some of its outstanding authors at a ceremony and reception on October 18 at ISA Automation Week in Mobile, Ala. The awards are given by the ISA Publications Department and Standards and Practices Department. "Each year, ISA recognizes and thanks all authors/contributors who help review, develop and deliver technical resources to the automation profession," said Susan Colwell, manager, Publications Development.  
The Keith Otto Award recognizes the authors of the best article in InTech magazine. The award was presented to Graham Nasby and Matthew Phillips for their article "SCADA Standardization: Modernization of a Municipal Waterworks with SCADA Standardization: Past, Present and Planning for the Future,” InTech, May/June 2011.

The Nels Tyring Award recognizes the author of the best article in one of the Society’s journals. Troy Miller is this year’s recipient for his January/February InTech cover story, “Success in Energy Conservation: Emerging Best Practices, Technologies in Energy Management.”

The Raymond D. Molloy Award is given in honor of Raymond D. Molloy’s contributions to the automation profession. Molloy was a major driving force in the ISA publications program for more than 20 years and maintained a keen interest in ISA’s publication of high-quality books that meet the needs of measurement and control professionals. This award was presented to Terry Blevins and Mark Nixon, who are the 2010 best-selling ISA authors for their book Control Loop Foundation: Batch and Continuous Processes. Their book sold the most units of any new book published by ISA in 2010.
The Thomas G. Fisher Award is presented to the author of the best new standards-based ISA book in the relevant year. This year’s award was presented to Charlie Gifford for the book When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0 in 2010. This award is presented by the ISA Publications Department and the ISA Standards and Practices Department in honor of Fisher, a member and ISA Fellow who served the Society for many years. In particular, Fisher was Publications Department vice president; editor of ISA Transactions; author of books; contributor to standards committees of ISA84, ISA5.1 and ISA95; and the driving force of the ISA88 batch control committee.
The ISA Standards and Practices Department Award was presented to William Nickerson for outstanding technical expertise and contributions in the development of ISA-TR100.14.01-2011, Trustworthiness in Wireless Industrial Automation: Part 1: Information for End Users and Regulators.
ISA Transactions Best Paper Award recognizes the best technical paper published in ISA Transactions in the previous year. The paper, “Design and Implementation of an Automated Secondary Cooling System for the Continuous Casting of Billets,” ISA Transactions, Vol. 49, No. 1, was judged to be the best paper published in the journal in 2010.

ISA Transactions Editor-in-Chief, Russ Rhinehart, also extended congratulations to Subhasis Chauduri, Rajeev Kumar Singh, Kuntal Patwari, Susanta Majundar, Asim Kumar Ray, Arun Kumar Prasad Singh and Nirbhar Negoi for their excellent contribution.

The evening closed with a special recognition award presented to Dr. R. Russell Rhinehart for his dedicated service and leadership during the past 14 years as editor-in-chief of ISA Transactions. Rhinehart has resigned his editor-in-chief position, effective at the end of this year. Dr. Ahmad Rad will be the new editor-in-chief starting January 2012.