#ISA Pinto makes his own points about ISA

Reprinted with Jim Pinto's permission from an email to Pat Gouhin, CEO of ISA:


Hello, Pat :

On the eve of the ISA Meeting in Houston (I will not be there)there has been a lot of activity from volunteers asking what ISA should do next.

Read Jon diPietro's blog here: http://tinyurl.com/y862fww

I wrote the following response (below).I wish you success, and will continue to help you when and where I can.




Jim Pinto

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I like your idea about making ISA Membership free, and then harvesting the membership content.


ISA is at a dead-end - declining membership level for several years (less than 25,000 real members); 95% USA members; lots of money in the bank without any ideas about what to do with the cash, except to leave it in the bank; volunteer-driven (which means lots of talk, no real-decision-making capability).


ISA should be INTERNATIONAL, to match its new name. We need 100,000 new international members; we need blogging and tweeting and the automation YouTube and several free iPhone Apps and automation MP3-music - I could go on and on. If this does not happen - soon - then ISA will continue to decline till its demise. That will include a few die-hard volunteers, $ 30 million in the bank, and beautiful facilities which will have to be leased out.


I refer you to articles I've been writing over the past several years - tolling the bell.


ISA Identity Crisis (Nov. 2007):



ISA - Melting Iceberg continues to melt (July 2006):



ISA - only incremental progress (June 2006):



Antique governance plagues cash-fat ISA (Sept. 2005):



ISA at the crossroads (Aug. 2005):



Please remind our volunteer members when you meet next week - "Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee".


Thank you for your involvement and activism, which I hope will save our ISA.


Jim Pinto <jim@jimpinto.com>

ISA Member - over 50 years)

ISA Fellow (1992)