Kaulfersch strikes again: Anagrams #pauto #engineer_humor #automation #networking #Internet

For those who love syndicated the game show Jeopardy, one of the subject question answers is Anagrams. This took me a long time to figure these out. Humor is the best medicine. So here’s another dose.

Top Ten Anagrams for "Information Superhighway" 

10. Enormous, hairy pig with fan 
9. Hey, ignoramus -- win profit? Ha! 
8. Oh-oh, wiring snafu: empty air 
7. When forming, utopia's hairy 
6. A rough whimper of insanity 
5. Oh, wormy infuriating phase
4. Inspire humanity, who go far
3. Waiting for any promise, huh?
2. Hi-ho! Yow! I'm surfing Arpanet! 
And the number one anagram for "Information Superhighway":
1. New utopia? Horrifying sham


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