Live from ABB Automation and Power World 2010-- #APW10 #pauto

In Houston for the 2010 edition of ABB's Automation and Power World-- the ABB user group conference. We're producing the electronic show daily for the conference, as we often do. At the same time, I'm trying to get a magazine done a week early so I can go to China in peace.

So, what's on tap? There will be some interesting new product introductions, including ABB's WirelessHART adaptor. Ever since I strongly suggested to Jane Lansing at Emerson that she use their internal codename for the Emerson WirelessHART adaptor, the THUM, everybody has decided to name theirs, instead of numbering them. What a relief! We can actually have some cleverness, instead of the Model doo-dah. Joining the ranks of the THUM, and MACtek's Bullet is the new ABB Fieldkey device, a loop powered small footprint WirelessHART adaptor.

Another product introduction that I am pleased to see is the release of a new generation of Swirlmeters. These "vortex precession" devices are one of my favorite flowmeters, and in fact might be the Rodney Dangerfield ("I just don't get no respect!") of flowmeters. ABB is the only vendor of this really useful device in the world. I've used them and I like them. I strongly recommend them for steam service, among other fluid and gas applications.

I'm looking forward to the week.