Monday Morning Mail

Amid the post-weekend deluge of email offering me fake doctorates, dodgy drugs and opportunities to make easy money (Ri-i-i-i-ght!), the following bits of far more useful information popped up. 

In the ARC Advisory Group weekly news blast, the following item appeared:

Kepware and ConneXSoft to Create Leading Building Automation and Energy Management Communications
Kepware Technologies, a leader in Communications for Automation, announces it has formed a partnership with ConneXSoft GmbH, for the purpose of developing leading Communications Drivers for use in the Building Automation System (BAS) and Energy Management markets.

ConneXSoft GmbH specializes in BACnet and Echelon protocols for use in communications between building automation devices, controllers, and automation systems such as HMI/SCADA and Historians. This partnership leverages ConneXSoft expertise in protocol development, device integration, productivity tools and support capabilities, especially in Europe, combining it with Kepware's ability to reach the market through a combination of direct, channel and OEM sales partners.

Initially, the partnership will utilize ConneXSoft expertise and capabilities in BACnet, the new Echelon i.LON smart server, LNS communications, and layered productivity solutions. ConneXSoft products will be delivered as KEPServer compliant and will be added to the broad range of drivers Kepware is already well known for.

Key drivers, already available from Kepware and commonly used in BAS are; BACnet, Modbus, iSNMP - a new driver for Network Infrastructure monitoring, UCON - a User CONfigurable driver able to address a wide variety of communications to simple devices for RFID Readers, Bar Code Readers, Badge Readers, etc. Additional drivers about to be released include System Monitor - able to monitor the health and performance of PCs used in Automation, and the Industrial Defender Security Agent - able to access security of an automation solution by detecting Log-in activity, Communication Activity, Registry, File and Media access, etc.

New products are expected to reach the market early in 2009.

Watch this space closely. Last week the ABB folks spent a good bit of time talking about their functionality in this area, and they're not the only ones moving here. Hooking up energy consumption and automation to drive savings is something more and more companies will be looking at as they try to squeeze every nickel of savings they can.

Meanwhile, on another front, if you're looking at upgrading your skills and certifications as a buffer against an increasingly uncertain employment future, this notice from ISA might prove interesting.

Complete your application for the Certified Automation Professional® (CAP®) in only minutes!
You can now complete and submit your CAP application online!

Have you been procrastinating on completing your application for the Certified Automation Professional (CAP) program? Now is the time to complete the application, take the exam, and become an ISA Certified Automation Professional.

Apply online now! The application process has been streamlined.

Applicants will no longer be required to submit verification of employment and education with the initial CAP application. Applicants indicate they are eligible to sit for the CAP exam by describing their work experience and/or educational background on the application.

Applicants are subject to an audit of their application and if audited, the applicant will need to supply verification and documentation of work experience and/or education degree(s).
For more information on CAP, visit   

For more information on CAP and its big brother certification, PE, check out Paul Darnbrough's article in the October issue of Control.