More on the Middletown CT power plant explosioin

The Hartford Courant is reporting today that the investigation of the blast at the nearly-completed natural gas fired power plant near Middletown CT is focusing on the fact that it occurred as the gas line was being purged of air.

According to the article, ironically, it was  "Only three days ago, the federal Chemical Safety Board was considering what it called urgent recommendations to change national fuel gas codes to improve safety when gas pipes are being purged, or cleared of air during maintenance or installation of new piping."

The Courant story goes on to say "The Middletown explosion is among the most serious in a year, board spokesman Daniel Horowitz said Sunday night. He said investigators will look closely at whether the purging process contributed to the explosion.

"'This is an issue the board is very concerned about," Horowitz said. "We don't know if there's any connection at this point.'"

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