Morley on elections

Dick Morley writes: My first real editorial. Some observations from the Barn. Elections seek solutions and the voters think that solutions come from a single vote or single group. Generally, the winners and losers are an emergent property of cultural mores. We think that clinton, Reagan, Roosevelt, Carter or Congress can "do" something about the erosion of a great nation. The Aztecs, Romans, Alexander or Gandhi were all manifestations of the tsunami of society. No matter who wins or loses, we all lose. In four or eight years we will throw out the winners and elect a new slate of losers. And hope for the best- again. Yes, I did vote. But I also understand that 'tis but a pebble against the tide of fate. Here I solicit response from my loyal readers. A wonderful author is Jared Diamond (see Amazon). Have a good day. Dick Morley Nov 3, 2008