One Honeywell-- could this be the force multiplier Honeywell has needed?

Last week I attended Beth Wozniak, president of Honeywell Sensors and Controls' keynote address at the Sensors Show in Chicago. Yesterday, I listened to Norm Gilsdorf, president of Honeywell Process Solutions, give his keynote address at the 2009 Honeywell User Group Americas. As I noted, both even used some of the same slides to describe what HON has chosen to refer to as "One Honeywell."

This attempt to use the potential for synergy between, for example, HPS and Honeywell Life Safety or between HPS and Honeywell Building Automation, clearly has the opportunity to become a significant force multiplier. Depending on how well the collaborations go, this may break open the traditionally separatist and silo-ist Honeywell operating divisions and produce some very interesting and powerful results.

ABB is also attempting to produce One ABB; Siemens is as well attempting it, and two weeks ago many of us were treated to the One Schneider presentation.

Why are the large automation suppliers all doing this? It is really very simple. End users are looking for the simplest channels they can use to get the products and services they want. If you look at your organization, as a vendor, from the point of view of the end user, many things become clear-- and perhaps some of the ways you are organized are suddenly seen as potentially counterproductive.

Back in 2000, I was a consultant, working to put together an online sensors store for my client. I was dealing with four different Honeywell operating units, so I had to have four different nondisclosure agrements, four different contracts, four different selling pitches, and four different ordering structures, just so I could get Honeywell products into my store. I thought then that it was silly to have to do that...and Honeywell has obviously realised the same thing...hence, One Honeywell.

It is going to be fascinating to watch the force multiplication effects of One Honeywell-- and see if they can execute the intercompany collaborative strategy better than their competitors can.