#opsmanage How to do a magic trick-- make a DCS vanish and reappear

The biggest drag on Invensys before the Great Reorganization was the fact that they had a 27 year old DCS. Now there's no question that they tried to keep making new revisions, and producing new features, but it was the same vintage as ProVox, the TDC3000 and other systems that have been obsoleted and replaced by their vendors.

The truth is, that while the I/A system was in many ways at least a generation (25 years, eh?) ahead of its time, it has begun looking a little long in the tooth.

And there was no real reason for it, because Invensys companies had all the pieces that could take care of that exercise in dentistry, and do it easily.

Here are my notes from the InFusion roadmap session...just remember that upgrades have been announced for the Series 100 controller, and Invensys introduced a new PAC (programmable automation controller) this week.

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#opsmanage Listening to Neil Cooper talk about what an Enterprise Control System is...

-- a meta-integration of control, production control and business control with a real-time feedback system-- InFusion is Invensys' product offering, based on the ArchestrA software platform backbone.

An ECS component is any Invensys offering or any third party offering that communicates with ArchestrA backbone software.

Plant floor: Safety, DCS, SCADA, PAC, Historian HMI, 3rd Party Systems
Foxboro, Triconex, Wonderware, Eurotherm

Sitewide and multisite: Production and performance applications like quality, performance, batch, mobile worker, MES, asset management, optimization, simulation and workflow-- EMI/Intelligence, BPM/Collaboration, Enterprise Integration, Visualization, Avantis, IMserv, Sim-Sci Esscor, Skelta, Wonderware

These are all the things IOM can do NOW.

The value for the Executive
-standardization: reduced project costs, timelines and risks
-flexibility and adaptability
-integration enabling the real time enterprise with "the one version of the truth"

The value for production operations
--standardization, reduced time to achieve OE when implementing changes, common interface to systems with multiple vendors
--flexibility and adaptability
--integration, aligning operations and maintenance, complete performance review, common information management, analysis and reporting across all the levels of the organization

The value for engineering and IT
--standardization: re-usable object oriented components and embedded best practice and pre-tested components
--flexibility and adaptabiity
--integration simplifyin integration of Invensys and non Invensys components and

systems--common information management, analysis and reporting across all the levels of the organization

InFusion: open software platform with a huge partner ecosystem, with the ability to use ArchestrA IDE and toolkits to provide measurable realtime results.

Grant LeSueur is talking about the InFusion Update. "It's a single point of integration."

What's happened with InFusion since April 2006?

New branding: InFusion ECS components

Enterprise Management system (transactional reporting)

Enterprise Control System (Realtime reporting)

ArchestrA: .Net framework with common name space, object management, etc.

Wonderware System Platform is the sorfware platform bundle initailly conta8ining ArchestrA Technology, WW Historian, Info Server Industrail AppServer and device Integration servers.

New releses:
-InFusion Foundation Edition 2.0
-InFusion Control Edition 2.0
-Wonderware System Platform 4.0
---New capabilities: performance, scaleability, productivity, and compatibility with Wonderware applications.

InFusion ECS new capabilities
-operations -ability to create NERC/FERCcompliant systems
-Simplified FF control in the fireld configuration
-ability for data aggregati8on and tiered historian
-contextualized intelligence for roles in plant and enterprise
--SCADA purpose built funct8ions for oil and gas electric and water
-MES dynamic routing for improved workflow in specialty chemical, pharma and any batch operation
-Workflow using ArchestrA workflow

Moving from 3 "platforms" to 1

InFusion, Wonderware and Foxboro all moving to a single common platform sometime in September 2011, probably for announcement at OpsManage2011..

How fast does an HMI have to be? new release provides InTouch performance at least as good as Foxview

Tiered Historian new in Wonderware release 10.0

InFusion control edition soon to be known as Foxboro Control Software

Single installation for all software with a plan to simplify the process for licenses (coming)

Virtual Machine: Hyper-V disaster Recovery and High Availability Options