Out of Control--the differences between dogs and computers #pauto

Friday funny from the irrepressible Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl+Fuchs:

As you know I'm a dog lover and dog rescuer like you.  As we were walking some of our dogs at the rescue kennel several of us thought of these quickies on how dogs are like computers or are they different? There is nothing like walking a dog in the Fall through the leaves on a beautiful sunny day with friends cracking jokes.  I thought I'd pass these on.

Have a Great Day!


~ Favorite food -

Dogs: kibbles

Computers: bits

~ After destruction of personal property -

D: dog not found

C: file not found

~ Favorite trick -

D: roll over

C: play dead

~ Comic-page hero -

D: Dogbert

C: Dilbert

~ Widely-ignored government mandate -

D: leash law

C: Communications Decency Act

~ Waste disposal tool -

D: pooper-scooper

C: uninstaller

~ Unique behavior -

D: lick and drag

C: click and drag

~ Estimated lifespan -

D: 12 years

C: 12 months


D:  Yes

C:  No