Pajamas U

Come on. You know you want to do this: Go to school in your pajamas. Now ISA's giving you the chance, not only to be comfy, but also to prep for the CAP exam. Here's the deal on the class, and here's the scoop on the instructor, ISA Fellow Bob Lindeman.

Here's the short version:

This ISA CyberU 2009 Fall Semester course begins 14 September--REGISTER NOW!

  • Certified Automation Professional (CAP) Online Exam Review Course
  • Course No.: EC00E
  • Date: 14 September - 13 November 2009
  • Length: 9 Weeks
  • CEUs: 2.1

A CAP certification is never bad, and things being how they are, any boost to your resume is a big plus. So is proof to the bean counters that you're one of the folks they can't afford to let go. Think think about it. Could be more productive than watching Monday night football.