Post-Vacation 1.0 Post--or something

Back at work again. Took my vacation time this year split up in two sections about a month apart, and I'm feeling a bit weird and disoriented now, what with having to be back at work and productive and looking at a lo-o-o-ong stretch with no big blocks of time off. (Of course it could be all that holiday food, drink and fellowship over the last couple of weeks that's doing it. What would really be good now is about a week at one of those spas that feed you healthy, "cleasing" food, make you exercise and pay for the sins of holiday excess.

But I digress.

After that first break (Vacation 1.0), I posted this item on the Mary Rose archeological project in Portsmouth, England. At the time I mentioned that Honeywell was listed as one of the big corporate sponsors of this amazing bit of maritime archeology. In going through my bazillion unread emails as part of my penance for Vacation 2.0), I got an email from Jason Urso at Honeywell talking about Honeywell's participation in the Mary Rose project. 

This is cool control stuff. Enjoy.