Surfin' the Net, Reeling in Some Good Fish

Trolling in the Web waters this morning between bouts of proofing the June issue of Control and have found some goodies to share.

One of the recurring themes in our annual salary survey (see the June issue) is concern over who's going to take over when the old guys retire. Well, it looks like that drought of students in engineering schools may be easing a bit. Found this report from the Christian Science Monitor this morning, thanks to Aaron Crews over on Twitter.  Funny how a little thing like a crummy job market concentrates the mind wonderfully when it comes to career choices.

Meanwhile, speaking of our maybe-getting-a-teeny-bit-better economy, one of my favorite non-process-automation bloggers, Andrew Sullivan over at The Atlantic, posted this in his Daily Dish today. Eye-opening graph to put our current woes in perspective.

Finally, for your leisure-time reading, William Langewiesche over at Vanity Fair hits another one out of the park. Make time to read "Anatomy of a Miracle", an analysis of U.S. Airways Flight 1549's drop-down into the Hudson River. It'll give you the chills all over again.