Tasks for the Day After the Inauguration

Okay. I'll admit it. It's going to be hard to keep focus today, what with all the excitement going on in Washington. I want to be in on the party too, if only vicariously. But I'm going to leave it to my betters to batter the ears of the New Guy with advice about what he should be doing about life, the universe and everything.  I'm talking to you instead.

I know that it seems like right now our main focus has to be on keeping our own jobs, but the bad times aren't going to last forever. And the problem of getting some of the brightest and best of the kids to look at engineering as a career isn't going away. Here's a chance for you to do your part

ISA has announced the dates for National Engineers Week this year: It's Feb 15-21. It has also sent out a list of events and activities in which you can participate. See below:

1. One Million Hours Help show the world the power of engineer volunteers! Visit http://www.eweek.org/ and learn about the One Million Hours Initiative. Every day engineers and engineering students volunteer their time to help inspire and inform students, educators, and others in their communities. Through eweek.org you'll find the million hours portal to record your service. Our goal is to reach one million hours in calendar year 2009. Each time you volunteer to inspire, inform, or assist in science, technology, engineering, or math education, come back and add to the site.

2. Engineer Your Life Engineer Your Life (EYL) - the movement to interest college-bound high school girls in engineering - will participate in two dozen college outreach fairs starting 5 February in Pittsburgh, PA. The fairs feature college admissions and resource experts for high school students, counselors and parents. The National Engineers Week Foundation serves as the EYL Secretariat and is seeking volunteers to host the EYL tables at these fairs. All materials and exhibit fees are sponsored by EYL. There are even handouts that can be branded by your organization! See the full schedule of fairs here and if you can volunteer in your area, contact engineeringwomen@eweek.org.

3. Get Your Materials Volunteer planning kits are in stock and available for free. Visit the Engineers Week Online Store at www.eweek.org. The kits include a new poster, ideas for organizing community events, and information about what's happening nationally and even globally for Engineers Week 2009 and beyond.

4. Girl Day Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day™ 2009 is February 19th . A planning kit with an all-new graphic is available free. Girl Day is a great way to draw attention to engineering as an interesting and rewarding career for young women. Sign the Pledge Roster and check out all the 'Engineering Women' projects at http://www.eweek.org/EngineersWeek/EngineeringWomen.aspx  

Take your pick. Lots of good opportunities. One of the mantras of the New Guy seems to be "service." Here's your chance to do that and help both your profession and some of the kids coming up.