What's this? A bogus security survey?

Jake Brodsky noticed this on the Industrial Defender website:

July 26, 2007

Dear Chemical Industry Participant,

A number of chemical industry companies have recently reported that they are

receiving calls from a group claiming to represent the American Institute of

Engineers (AIChE) or the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) asking

them to participate in a Survey about Process Safety.

Neither organization is actually conducting such a survey. It is not clear how

many members may have been contacted or how much information has been

obtained at this time. There is a concern, in the wake of recent terrorist activity,

that this may be an attempt at exposing security vulnerabilities in the chemical

process. The FBI has been notified and is investigating the matter.

If anyone receives such a request, please make an effort to determine the

person's identity and notify Scott Berger ccps@aiche.org or call AIChE at


Thank You,

Industrial Defender, Inc.
If you have been a recipient of such a request, you ought to contact the AIChE and/or the FBI.Further, if you have responded to such a request, you need an immediate audit of your security procedures, physical, safety and cyber.

What are your comments?

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  • The key issue here is to be aware of anyone conducting ANY surveys by phone. It is fortunate these folks among AIChE membership noticed this effort. It could easily be done with other professional agencies. BEWARE of telephone surveys out of the blue...

    Jake Brodsky


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