Worried About Cybersecurity?

It's no secret that malicious programs have long plagued the Web. Worse yet, malware programs keep getting more sophisticated. For example, recent news says that hackers can "lock" computer files belonging to small businesses or even entire communities until the user pays a ransom.  And recall how just a few years ago, Stuxnet made big news when it reportedly ruined several of Iran's nuclear centrifuges by worming its way into plants' industrial Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). To help address the problem of cybersecurity in the industrial arena, the ISA Cybersecurity Conference 2014 is to be held along with the BIG M Manufacturing Convergence in Detroit, June 9 - 12, 2014.

In a nutshell, the  ISA Cybersecurity Conference is intended to inform attendees how they can protect their industrial networks and controls systems against cyber threats. In one keynote speech, the Director for Critical Infrastructure from the National Security Council will discuss President Obama’s executive order covering the cybersecurity protection of industrial automation and control systems, and explain its implications for automation personnel in various industries.

Also, global experts in industrial cybersecurity are to discuss  how to detect cyber threats and mitigate their risks. Experts will also talk about industrial control systems security standards and explain the best ways to leverage the standards. They will also discuss best practices for various industries, highlight peers experience, and provide "lessons learned." Additionally, an ISA Cybersecurity Innovation Factory will showcase several technologies designed to keep plant assets and data safe and secure. 

 To register, visit https://www.isa.org/CyberConf2014