Wurldtech's Cybersecurity Footprint Gets Even Bigger

Getting Walt to take a vacation is not an easy thing. But he's been good this time. Have hardly heard from him at all. I expect Mrs. Walt issued some fairly severe threats. So this morning when an email from him popped up in my mailbox with the brief note, "This is big" attached, I thought I'd better take notice.

As usual, the boss was right. Wurldtech, the cybersecurity gurus, has made another move to broaden its already-big footprint in the cybersecurity space. It's targeting the smart grid and the power generation industry and making a deal with the University of British Columbia to create a "Centre of Excellence" focusing on cybersecurity. The complete news release is here. 

The money quote comes from Wurldtech CEO, Tyler Williams: "If we don’t move quickly to make functional security an integral part of the smart grid initiatives, we may find ourselves in the unfavourable position of attempting to fix the car while driving at full speed.” Not a pretty alternative.

Tyler also warns that if the power gen industry doesn't get its act together about cybersecurity, the government may step in and do it--with less than salutary results.

Now, if the folks in power gen will only pay attention.