Yokogawa Control Systems achieve Fieldbus Foundation Host Status


 From the press release:

CENTUM VP and STARDOM Achieve Integrated Host Class Registration

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that its CENTUM VP Integrated Production Control System and STARDOM Network-based Control System are among the first such systems to be certified by the Fieldbus Foundation as complying with all the requirements for registration as Integrated Host Class systems.

The Fieldbus Foundation’s Host Profile Registration Program tests control systems (host systems) based on the FF-525 (Host Profile Registration Process) checklist. These tests verify whether systems support the features that are defined in FF-569 Rev. 2 (Host Interoperability Support Test and Procedures Revision 2.0). This specification sets out how host systems and field devices are to be linked via a FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus network. A registered host system is formally recognized to comply with the foundation’s interoperability requirements and is allowed to bear the FOUNDATION fieldbus product registration symbol.

The Host Profile Registration Program was established to further improve interoperability between host systems and field devices, and it will replace the existing Host Interoperability Support Test (HIST) Program. The new program is different in that it audits and registers host systems that are grouped into several profile classes*.

CENTUM VP and STARDOM are among the first control systems to achieve registration as Integrated Hosts with comprehensive engineering, monitoring, maintenance, and communication functions. This is the outcome of Yokogawa’s long experience with systems and equipment that utilize the FOUNDATION fieldbus technology. We will continue making every effort to promote FOUNDATION fieldbus and reduce costs over the entire plant lifecycle.

* Other classes include Bench Host Class and Visitor Host Class, which involve parameter setting and device adjustment.