Yokogawa Users Group 2012 Day 2: Industry Must Do Better

If you couldn't attent Yokogawa's Users Group 2012 don't worry. We got you covered. Read today's news below and visit the users' group website.

HMIs: Industry Must Do Better
How many times have you been in this situation: The fire alarm goes off in a public building, and nobody makes a move to leave? We're conditioned to assume that it's a false alarm, so we're slow to react, hoping that we don't really have to stop what we're doing and head outside. Ian Nimmo talked about all the things that are wrong with process HMIs these days.

Yokogawa Debuts Big DAQ Features, Tiny Coriolis Meter
Two new Yokogawa instrumentation products were unveiled to the U.S. market this week: The powerful new SMARTDAC+ Series data acquisition systems feature modular I/O and a unique multi-touch screen. And with a pair of 0.9-mm ID vibrating tubes, the RotaMASS LR took the title of world's smallest dual-bent-tube meter.

Winds of Change Complicate Automation Lifecycle
Change wouldn't be so bad—if it wasn't happening so fast. But just like the winds in tornados and hurricanes can turn common objects into missiles, the sheer velocity of technical and organizational change can make it difficult and even dangerous to handle. Fortunately, a little prioritized data and clear-eyed understanding can help process engineers and managers.

Procedural Automation Boosts Oil Well Productivity
One key realization started Chevron on the road to procedural automation for its deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico: "We noticed that various operations took more or less time to complete, depending on who was on the crew," said Wayne Hawkins, process automation engineer, in his presentation today to the Yokogawa User Group meeting in New Orleans.

Take Steps to Justify Your DCS Upgrade
Just because your plant's control system is decades old—obsolete and in constant need of maintenance—doesn't mean that your company will be eager to throw $10 million your way for a new system. You might have all kinds of good reasons for an upgrade, but you'd better make a solid case for it. And you'd better deliver on the promised results too.

Chevron Migrating Dated Systems to Centum VP
When it's time to change out the old guard, the task can be daunting, to say the least. Chevron's refinery in Pascagoula, Miss., is in the process of migrating out 12 legacy control systems that have been in place for decades. "They have been in operation for approximately 20 years, some of them," said Landon Little, control system analyst for Chevron.