Yokogawa Users Group 2012 Day 3: Industry Must Do Better Oil & Gas Industry Resurgent in the U.S.

If you couldn't attent Yokogawa's Users Group 2012 don't worry. We got you covered. Read today's news below and visit the users' group website.

Shell Streamlines Subsea System Design
Once you've found the best way to execute a project, it only makes sense to replicate those best practices the next time you do a similar project. Such is the reasoning behind a modular engineering methodology that Shell and Yokogawa developed for executing and delivering the automation and integration of subsea control systems.

Social Media: 'SCADA for Your Career'
"I found that an engineering background can be a real handicap for working in the digital age," said Jon DiPietro, founder and principal of consulting firm Domesticating IT and co-founder of CareerGravity.com, of lessons learned during his circuitous career path from automation engineer to marketing and social media specialist. 

MAC Partnership Reins in Schedules, Costs
A few years ago, Chevron Energy Technology decided it needed to make an assessment of cost and schedule risks. The results of the study were not positive. Chevron is essentially broken down into two businesses: upstream and downstream. The study found that the downstream business was doing pretty well, but it had long schedules and high costs.

Oil & Gas Industry Resurgent in the U.S.
As this week's Yokogawa Users Group meeting in New Orleans began its final day wrap-up, Pennwell's Nicole Durham offered up a 2013 energy outlook to the conference's many oil and gas industry attendees. Durham is publisher of the Oil & Gas Financial Journal, so is hooked into the trends in the industry. As such, she delivered an overview of the factors shaping fossil fuel industries, as well as the economies built around them.

TDL Analyzers Promise Better Combustion Control
Tunable diode laser (TDL) analysis holds the potential to reduce emissions and provide more agile control of combustion processes across industry. To see if they can fill the bill in terms of accuracy, operability and reliability in coal-fired power plant applications, a joint effort is underway by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Yokogawa.