YOU heard it here first! ISA106 Procedure Based Automation Standard Committee approved! #pauto

Having worked withWBF for many years, and having become convinced that the techniques and technologies of the ISA88 batch standard could be applied successfully in other, non-batch industries and processes, several of us, including Marcus Tennant, Dave Emerson (who will be one of the co-chairs) and Maurice Wilkins of Yokogawa, wrote a proposal to ISA for a new standard committee that would apply the ISA88 principles to other processes than batch.

Maurice and I are sitting together at PlantSuccess, and he just leaned over and told me that the S&P Board had voted to establish the ISA106 committee. 

This will be a fantastic opportunity to integrate training, simulation, and stateful systems into non-batch processes both in the process industries and in the discrete factory automation industries.

More as we get ISA106 put together.