Book Table of Contents

The URL for Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats is: 
The book is about protecting ICSs from all cyber incidents since the vast majority of ICS cyber incidents to-date are unintentional not targeted malicious attacks.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1  Background
Chapter 2  Definitions
Chapter 3  ICS descriptions
Chapter 4  Convergence between ICS and IT
Chapter 5  Differences between ICS and IT
Chapter 6  Electronic threats to ICSs
Chapter 7  Myths
Chapter 8  Current personnel status and needs
Chapter 9  Information sharing and disclosures
Chapter 10  Risk assessment for ICS
Chapter 11  Selected industry activities
Chapter 12  ICS security trends and observations
Chapter 13 ICS cyber security demonstrations
Chapter 14 Selected case histories – Malicious attacks
Chapter 15 Selected case histories – Unintentional incidents
Chapter 16 ICS incident categorization
Chapter 17  Recommendations
Appendix 1  Acronyms
Appendix 2  Definitions
Appendix 3  Comparison of key definitions
Appendix 4  CSIS White Paper
Appendix 5  Selected References

Joe Weiss