Control Exclusive: Stuxnet, the view from Iran #pauto #cyber #stuxnet

Posted for Joe Weiss:

This blog is one of the most important I have written. I want to thank Walt Boyes for allowing me to "scoop" the Control Exclusive article in the June issue of Control magazine by providing my thoughts. I strongly encourage all to read the entire article. You'll be able to read it at when the link goes live in a day or so.

An individual from Iran (Morteza Rezaei) contacted Walt concerning having an article published in Control. The article was on Stuxnet and AntiVirus. Without going into details, the following points I thought were important:
- Iran has experts in PLCs and control system cyber security
- The article stated that Stuxnet was still alive (from a Kaspersky reference)
- Iran had access to the latest Western AntiVirus solutions - The trial version of each antivirus product is used because original versions of some products were not available in Iran. These products are directly downloaded from their official website. The trial version is exactly like a commercial version, except the time-length of usage.
- Iran had access to the appropriate references on Stuxnet
- The results found no security product is good enough to detect various types of Stuxnet malware.

Iran's capabilities in industrial control system security should not be underestimated. We can learn from anyone, anywhere.