Control system cybersecurity

Is there really a lack of information about control system cybersecurity? Would you be willing to pay for outside help to address your cybersecurity issues? Would some sort of certification mechanism make you more willing hire this kind of expertise?

Let us know.

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  • <p> Most users have no idea what they need to properly secure their control systems. They don't know the trade-offs, they don't know the technology, they don't understand even basic concepts of cryptography.  </p> <p> So in the midst of this, who does one turn to for help? Government? They're looking at us for solutions. Industry? They can't figure out how to market this. IT security? They don't exactly have a stellar reputation in the office.   </p> <p> And then, what few regulatory requirements there may be are mostly focused toward a compliance approach. Few are willing to concede some sort of liability for their poor security.   </p> <p> We have a bootstrapping problem here. And you want to know if certification will fix that. Well, it will help, but that's hardly the only thing wrong here.   </p> <p>   </p> <p> Jake Brodsky </p> <p>   </p>


  • <p> I am interested in a SCADA certification program that embraces some of the issues related to security breaches in our infrastructure.Although I am not a cybersecurity expert, I recognize that ISP's are part of the problem, routing,unencrypted data,propagation of malware through the Internet, weakness in software, and a talented Chinese military that has comprehended the concept of cyberwar as a viable substitute for destrying a Country. Having briefly touched some key issues,my VOLUNTEER goal is to create a school for returning veterans with appropriate IQ and security clearance to train them in protecting SCADA, at least on a alert basis, which they can escalate to brighter people; purpose is to provide Homeland Security with personnel that have schoool credentials. The question remains whether there is any certification program in the U.S. that I might attend, that would outline all the risks to SCADA, and allow me to develop a curricula with professional teachers (not me) in order to supply qualified personnel to Homeland Security? Reside in the N.Y. metro area, am a 100% service connected veteran seeking to open a school that will serve many purposes, including protecting SCADA at least on a LEvel 1 basis,providing employment to returning troops, and protecting our civilian infrastructure, as the focus seems to be directed to the military. Any ideas, positive or negative would be appreciated. </p> <p> oceanconveyor </p>


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