Is network security sufficient to secure industrial control systems (ICSs)?

There have been numerous articles, white papers, and webinars on securing industrial control systems (ICSs). Almost all have focused on securing the IP networks.  This is certainly part of the solution, but NOT the entire solution. ICSs are engineering systems with cyber-sensitive systems that include network components as well as engineering components. Examples of ICS cyber impacts that were independent of IP network affects include the San Bruno natural gas pipeline rupture, the Hatch nuclear plant shutdown, the 2008 Florida Outage, and the 2009 DC Metro train crash. Cyber security of these systems needs to include engineering considerations as well network issues. Consequently, there will be a panel of control system experts from chemicals, water, power, petroleum, and DOD at the 2012 ICS Cyber Security Conference to define the functional requirements needed to secure ICSs. This will enable ICSs to maintain their safety and high reliability requirements.


Joe Weiss