Looking for ICS cybersecurity solution providers willing to have their solutions evaluated

Do you have an ICS cyber security solution? One of the most progressive electrical utilities in North America is looking to engineer secure solutions. They also plant to share results with industry in the hopes of improving all systems.

Much has been written about the lack of ICS cyber security solutions. I am working with what I believe to be the most progressive electric utility in North America when it comes to securing ICSs. This particular utility has power plants, control center, electric distribution, and a Smart Grid implementation. This utility also has several key attributes:
- It currently does not need to meet the NERC CIPs so they can concentrate on actual security engineering, not just compliance
- The utility's senior management are engineers that want to maintain electric reliability for their customers
- The utility's senior management also understands the risk of not securing these systems.

This utility is willing to use their facilities in a non-impactful way as a test bed to evaluate solutions for securing their legacy (and new) ICSs. The utility wants to verify the security solutions not only are effective as a security solution but even more importantly do not impact ICS operations. The utility is currently working with several of their existing ICS suppliers as well as some new ICS security vendors. The utility is also willing to openly discuss the non-confidential findings. In fact, the utility and their participating ICS and security vendors will provide a status of their efforts at the 13th October ICS Cyber Security Conference (more on that in a later announcement).

I am asking for any interested ICS cyber security solution providers to contact me to discuss the possibility of utilizing your technology at the utility. If you have any questions or would like further follow-up, please contact me at joe.weiss@realtimeacs.com or (408) 253-7934.

Joe Weiss