The ACS Conference website is now open

The website is now available for registration for the September 20-23 ACS Control System Cyber Security Conference. The following is provided for planning purposes. Monday morning at 9am at the Rockville Hilton will be the meeting of ISA Nuclear Plant Cyber Security Joint Working - all interested parties are welcome to attend. The pre-Conference tutorials will start Monday at 1:00. The formal Conference will go from Tuesday morning until Thursday afternoon at 5. Friday morning, September 24,  there will be a NIST Conference on the NIST Risk Management Framework (NIST SP800-53, NIST SP800-37, and NIST SP800-39) and Smart Grid at the Rockville Hilton – there is no additional cost for this. Further details will be provided by NIST.
Thanks and hope to see you there
Joe Weiss