Control State of Technology Reports

Control's State of Technology series is designed to provide process industry professionals with an up-to-date, top-level understanding of a range of key process automation topics. Each report is a compendium of the latest trends, articles, back-to-basics tutorials, application stories and product solutions compiled by our editors.

The latest in control systems

control systems sot reThe latest trends, technology and implementations are detailed in this new ebook from the editors of Control.

Topics covered include:

  • Pressure rising for open, secure systems
  • Exploring the love/hate relationship with distributed control
  • Making the case for hardware standardization
  • Breaking the interoperability barrier
  • Edge computing helps old controllers
  • Process automation systems gain flexibility, simplicity
  • Pathways from operations to enterprises are getting shorter, simpler
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The latest in temperature and pressure measurement

cgsot 1706 temperature and pressureThe latest trends, technology and implementations are detailed in this new ebook from the editors of Control.

Topics covered include:

  • Taming temperature and pressure
  • Secrets to good vessel temperature and pH control
  • Living on the edge with surge control
  • The deal breakers
  • Resource guide: Temperature and pressure don't stress

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The latest in flow measurement

cgsot 1705 DSThe latest flow measurement trends, technology and implementations are detailed in this new ebook from the editors of Control.

Topics covered include:

  • When and how to use pulse width modulation of controller outputs
  • Getting the most out of valve positioners
  • Maximum rangeability of linear valves
  • Orifice flowmeter rangeability
  • Flow of sandy condensate
  • Piercing thick flow problems 
  • And more

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The latest in industrial networks

industrial networks sot cg 1704DSWireless sensor networks are approaching the final frontier with more applications pushing the envelope beyond being used as a replacement for wires.

Though not yet the “killer app,” they’re enabling unique applications that can’t be done with conventional systems at close to the same cost/benefit ratio. Topics covered in our latest State of Technology report include:

  • The world wide wait revisited
  • Open the borders
  • Open up the options
  • How to manage the Ethernet spectrum
  • The final control element frontier

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Workstations and enclosures

cg sot 170322

A modern approach to engineering plant-floor enclosures improves efficiency, reliability, safety and more. Recent developments described in this Technology Update include:

  • Better and more efficient ways to control temperature and humidity
  • Choosing among the leading protection methods for hazardous areas
  • Selecting the most efficient approach to enclosure modification and customization
  • The increasing potential for reducing costs and standardizing enclosures using electronic marshalling

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The latest in oil & gas

1611 SOT Oil Gas This update to our 2015 Oil & Gas ebook explores in great detail how rising global demand, climate change concerns and the drive to U.S. energy independence have created a strong environment for innovation in the process control industry.

Topics include:

  • Oil & Gas Forum: Primed to exploit enterprise connectivity
  • How SCADA provides wellhead awareness
  • Capturing APC benefits from secondary units
  • Foundation fieldbus in hazardous areas
  • Detection of oil in or on water
  • Excerpts from our Ask the Experts series

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The rise of configurable I/O

1610 SOT IO

This I/O Systems eHandbook covers the latest technology trends and developments, including tutorials, application testimonials and product solutions. 

Topics covered include:

  • Programmable I/O can be a multitasking master
  • ExxonMobil commits to thinking differently with electrical 19
    integration, configurable I/O
  • Benefits of integrating smart I/O in asset management system

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The latest trends in power systems

CG 1609 SOT

From sourcing and ensuring uninterrupted flows of clean electricity to monitoring, regulating and metering generation and consumption throughout a facility, process automation professionals are well advised to seek and control power.

Control’s latest State of Technology report delves into the many aspects of power systems of interest in process plants. Topics include:

  • Standardization for wireless sensor power sources
  • ExxonMobil’s efforts to streamline capital project execution
  • Benefits of merging process and power/electrical controls
  • And much more

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New trends in level instrumentation

control july state of technology

This collection of coverage from Control magazine and delivers the most recent trends and developments in level instrumentation.

Topics in this latest State of Technology ebook include:

  • How to deal with (or eliminate) DP impulse line problems
  • Control oil/water interfaces
  • Improve boiler drum level control
  • And much more ...

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The latest in PLCs, PCs and PACs

CG June 2016 SOTThis new ebook includes articles describing innovation applications of PLCs, PACs and PCs. 

Topics covered include:

  • PLCs and PACs can solve the protocol translation problem
  • Four ways to collect process plant data
  • Creative ways to cut costs in hazardous areas
  • How PLCs of critical facilities are protected from cyber attacks
  • Case Study:  Process automation, controls boost production at yogurt plant

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The latest flow measurement trends

Flow Measurement SOT MY COVERThis anthology of recent coverage in Control magazine and highlights recent developments in flow control and includes examples of outstanding implementations in the process industries. Topics covered include:

  • Digital signals support low-maintenance approach to differential pressure measurement
  • Why and how to establish installed valve flow characteristics
  • Flow technologies team up to offer users better measurements
  • What is the difference between uncertainty and accuracy in flowmeters?
  • Experts weigh in on distillation plant measurement problems
  • Should you use a Coriolis flowmeter as a backup system?

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New trends in operator interface 

april 2016 sot 1To help keep up with the newest trends, we've compiled this special report of recent coverage in Control magazine and on that highlights the past year’s operator interface developments. It also includes examples of recent outstanding implementations in the process industries.

Some specific topics covered include the following:

    • How better designed systems help operators respond to abnormal situations;  
    • what you need to look for in operator displays;
    • the real cost of poorly performing HMI systems;
    • how to create a lasting plan for managing alarms and more.
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The latest in industrial networks technology

sot march 2016The editors of Control have created this new report with all the latest information on industrial network innovations. Various topics covered include the following:

    • Wired, wireless and the IIoT
    • A second chance for fieldbus
    • Cybersecurity myths and "mythnomers"
    • Networks in practice and more.
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2015 level & flow State of Technology Report

CG1510 SoT Oil and GasThe editors of Control have compiled this 38-page ebook designed to explain the latest trends and improvements in level and flow technologies. Combining capabilities means better measurement and smarter, more capable sensors and transmitters. You'll learn how using networking methods and data management tools can increase the range of applications and help users make better decisions. Topics covered include:

    • Advances in flow measurement and control
    • Advances in flow instrumentation
    • Level technologies-faster and more precise
    • Wireless level monitoring
    • Preventing tank farm overfill hazards

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2015 oil and gas State of Technology Report

CG1510 SoT Oil and GasThis 45-page ebook designed to explain how  the strong outlook for extraction and refining fuels technical advances for safety, compliance and productivity. It explores in great detail how rising global demand, climate change concerns and the drive to U.S. energy independence have created a strong environment for innovation in the process control industry. Download the report and learn about:

    • Improving oil and gas well safety
    • How refineries get back on track to save energy
    • How to combine pipeline control and safety and more.
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The latest in field calibrators and management tools

CG1508 SoT CalibrationThis 35-page ebook is designed to explain the evolution of field calibrators over the past three decades and what's in store for the future. It explores in great detail technology trends and discusses the pros and cons of both analog and digital calibrators.  Whether you're interested in current trends, products or tutorials, you'll find what you need in this exclusive collection. Learn about:

    • Calibration in the 21st century
    • Declining need for calibration?
    • Smart calibration and more.
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2015 trends in controllers and control systems

CG1507 SoT ControllersAs we look to the future, we see rapid changes coming in operator interface, computing, data analytics and virtual reality. This state of technology report shows the breadth of application of our existing control systems and demonstrates the strength of the foundation they offer for future developments. This report covers topics including:

    • Blending control with enterprise applications
    • Real-time control for enterprise optimization
    • Combining building and process automation systems and more.
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Benefits of 2015 operator interface technology

CG1504 sot coverOptimizing the operator interface is a critical issue in plant safety and performance, one in which people, technology and procedures have to be perfectly aligned. The new State of Technology Report: Operator Interface is a compilation of the most useful articles on this topic from the editors of Control. Topics include:

    • Best practices for operator interface
    • Optimizing operator performance
    • The latest in HMI developments
    • The control room of the future and more.
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2015 trends in I/O systems

CG1503 TechReport IOsystemsAll you need to know about I/O can be found in the pages of this ebook. Technology trends, articles and tutorials written by the editors of Control and including:

    • How smarter I/O addresses a host of issues
    • Why wire, cable and connectors are crucial
    • Why industrial couplers aren't commodities
    • What additional work remains, now that automation is off the critical path.
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2015 trends in flow and level instrumentation

CG1411 flow ebookThe technology trends, articles and tutorials in this ebook are compiled from recently published pages of Control magazine. Topics include:

    • Advances in flow instrumentation
    • How level reaches new heights
    • The right tool for tricky measurement jobs
    • The lowdown on radar level management and more.
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