Control Essentials Series

Written by the editors of CONTROL, our new Control Essentials series is designed to provide process industry professionals with an up-to-date, top-level understanding of a range of key process automation topics. Our intent is to present essential engineering concepts in a practical, non-commercial fashion, together with a review of the latest technology and marketplace drivers—all in a form factor well suited for onscreen consumption. Get in and get out quickly with just the information you need.

CG1411 Rocwell Enterprise Essentials2

Essentials of the Connected Enterprise

This next in Control's Essentials series, "Essentials of the Connected Enterprise"  provides industrial automation professionals with up-to-date information on the  advances in communications and computing technology.  The rise of the Internet of Things, Big Data & Analytics, and the Cloud promise to accelerate the creation of what Rockwell Automation refers to as “the connected enterprise.”  Learn more about essential engineering concepts in this practical, non-commercial brief, in a form factor well suited for onscreen consumption. Download now.

CG1408 Essentials Cyber

Essentials of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an acknowledged and growing threat to the operational integrity of process manufacturing and other critical infrastructure sectors. Ensuring cybersecurity begins with assessment and remediation of the current state, but carries through to incident detection, management and continued assurance measures throughout an asset's lifecycle. In this concise Technology Brief, the Editors of Control Magazine discuss this topic and review the latest technology developments that are available to reduce the risks of viruses, malware and cybersecurity threats. Download now.

CG 1406 BigDataDistributed

Essentials of Big Data, Distributed

Over the past several yeas, the promise of "big data" has captured the imagination of mainstream analysts and the business press. For them, big data underlies the next generation of information-driven enterprises for which decision-making will increasingly be driven by sophisicated algorithms acting on enormous and growing volumes of data thrown off by myriad interconnected digital systems. Download now. 

CG1403 Proface Essentials Visualization

Essentials of Local Visualization

Far from the air-conditioned comfort of a central control room, operators on the go often need local display and visualization of process conditions, and must interact with manufacturing processes and equipment on a local basis. This Essentials Guide to local visualization explores the key considerations involved in specifying a local visualization solution, including such aspects as core functionality, modular extensions and accessories, ease of deployment and integration with other plant systems. Download now.

CG1403 Mynah Simulations Essentials

Essentials of Dynamic Simulation

This Essentials Guide from the editors of Control discusses how dynamic simulators can be used to both reduce risk and improve profitability throughout a plant's full lifecycle — from testing and troubleshooting of control logic, through experiential training of plant operators. Among the topics discussed are measures of ROI and the impact of simulator architecture on model integrity and maintainability. Download now.

CG1311 Turck Essentials

Essentials of Industrial Ethernet

In this latest installment of Control's Essentials series, the editors tackle the basics of Industrial Ethernet--what it is that makes the world's leading networking technology increasingly suitable for use in plant-floor applications. We review the many protocol "flavors" of Industrial Ethernet that have evolved over the years to overcome limitations of standard Ethernet. Also discussed is the need for industrial hardening of network components such as switches, cordsets and remote I/O modules. Download now.

Brooks Flow Essentials

Essentials of Flow Measurement

The basis of good flowmeter selection is a clear understanding of the requirements of the particular application. Therefore, time should be invested in fully evaluating the nature of the process fluid and of the overall installation. The development of specifications that state the application requirements should be a systematic, step-by-step process. In this Essentials guide, the editors of Control walk through the alternatives, explain how to narrow your choices and uncover the latest application trends. Download now.
Safety Demystified

Intrinsic Safety Demystified

Over the past several decades, intrinsic safety has established itself as the preferred method of explosion protection for global energy and petrochemical projects. This latest installment in Control's "Essentials of" series explains the ins and outs of intrinsic safety technology, how it compares with other methods of explosion protection, and new technology development poised to increase the scope of its application to higher energy systems. Download now.

Krohne - Level Essentials

Essentials of Level Instrumentation

The task of determining just how much material is in a tank, reactor or other container really doesn't seem like it ought to be such a difficult task. But when faced with the question, the instrumentation engineer has at his disposal a surprising range of sensor technology options. In this Essentials guide, the editors of Control walk through the alternatives, explain how to narrow your choices and uncover the latest application trends. Download this document.

Essentials eBook

Essentials of Safety Instrumented Systems

This Control Essentials Guide is the first in a continuing series of interactive PDFs by the editors of Control. Essentials of Safety Instrumented Systems is designed to provide process industry professionals with an up-to-date, top-level understanding of the most important SIS issues. From fundamental concepts and terminology to the ongoing debate over integrated vs. stand-alone safety systems, get up to speed quickly on the key technology and marketplace drivers. Download now.