Bela Liptak Does Fukushima

Regular readers of Control magazine know that our long-time columnist and member of the Process Automation Hall of Fame, Béla Lipták has some pretty strong opinions about the accident at the Fukushima nuclear reactor and what automation could have done to prevent the meltdown. See here and here. Now he has collected all his thoughts on Fukushima into a single book, Automation Can Prevent the Next Fukushima, published by ISA, and available from the organization here or from  More details about the book are here.

What are your comments?

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  • I think it is very brave to say automation can prevent the next fukushima. At a conference last fall in Japan a presentor, who is part of the large group of experts which is investigating Fukushima, told the audience, that a major contributing cause of the event was a simple design error. Some control valves, which should have been fail open, was actually fail closed. This prevented some safety systems from working properly according to this presenter.


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