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Loop Control Resource Center


White Papers: In Depth Research

  • First Principle Process Relationships

    Author: Greg McMillan

    First principle relationships can define process cause and effects that can lead to improved controller tuning and performance by the selection of better tuning rules and process variables for scheduling of tuning settings.

  • OPC Tunnelling – Know Your Options

    Author: Bob McIlvride, Andrew Thomas, Cogent Real-Time Systems

    This article will look at how tunnelling solves the issues associated with DCOM, and show you what to look for in an OPC tunnelling product.

  • Safety Instrumented Systems: The "Logic" of Single Loop Logic Solvers

    Author: Moore Industries

    What can the "new generation" of safety-certified Single Loop Logic Solvers do for you? Find out by reading this informative white paper.

  • ExperTune's Best Practices for Controller Tuning

    Author: ExperTune

    Controller tuning can be accomplished quickly and accurately using proven techniques. While many engineers and technicians resort to "tune by feel," most will admit that this approach yields inconsistent results. These best practices help to ensure that co