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Process Automation Systems Resource Center


White Papers: In Depth Research

  • First Principle Process Relationships

    Author: Greg McMillan

    First principle relationships can define process cause and effects that can lead to improved controller tuning and performance by the selection of better tuning rules and process variables for scheduling of tuning settings.

  • Designing a Control System for High Availability

    Author: Rockwell Automation, ICS Triplex

    This paper will discuss redundant and non-redundant methods for achieving high availability of control systems, as well as improvements in control technology and recommended control system designs. The paper will also highlight features within the Rockwell

  • A Practical Guide to Selecting the Right Control Chart

    Author: InfinityQS

    This guide leads quality practitioners through a simple decision tree to select the right control chart to improve manufacturing processes and product quality.

  • The Future of Automation is Now!

    Author: Invensys

    This paper looks at variables and measurements that illuminate the financial impact of process decisions.