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Programmable Controllers Resource Center


White Papers: In Depth Research

  • When to Use Multi-Function Safety Relays

    Author: Lenny Filipkowski, AutomationDirect

    Often the Best Choice for Applications Where SingleFunction Relays Aren’t Capable Enough and a Safety-Rated PLC is Overkill

  • Redundancy for OPC

    Author: Robert McIlvride, Andew Thomas, Cogent Real‐Time Systems Inc.

    Redundancy in a process control system means that some or all of the system is duplicated, or redundant. The goal is to eliminate, as much as possible, any single point of failure. When a piece of equipment or a communication link goes down, a similar or i

  • PAC Controller Redundancy

    Author: Advantech

    Applications that require high availability, advanced data handling and superior communication capability are a good fit for PAC redundancy. This white paper looks at the benefits of redundancy, options, and implementation details.

  • Lambda Tuning -- the Universal Method for PID Controllers in Process Control

    Author: Mark T. Coughran

    Lambda tuning gives non-oscillatory response with the response time (Lambda) required by the plant. Seven industrial examples show the relevance and simplicity of this method. Will Lambda tuning work in your process control loop?