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Programmable Controllers Resource Center


White Papers: In Depth Research

  • PAC Controller Redundancy

    Author: Advantech

    Applications that require high availability, advanced data handling and superior communication capability are a good fit for PAC redundancy. This white paper looks at the benefits of redundancy, options, and implementation details.

  • Lambda Tuning -- the Universal Method for PID Controllers in Process Control

    Author: Mark T. Coughran

    Lambda tuning gives non-oscillatory response with the response time (Lambda) required by the plant. Seven industrial examples show the relevance and simplicity of this method. Will Lambda tuning work in your process control loop?

  • ExperTune's Best Practices for Controller Tuning

    Author: ExperTune

    Controller tuning can be accomplished quickly and accurately using proven techniques. While many engineers and technicians resort to "tune by feel," most will admit that this approach yields inconsistent results. These best practices help to ensure that co

  • Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems

    Author: ABB

    The security of industrial automation and control systems becomes increasingly critical as different networks are connected and systems are integrated in a collaborative manufacturing environment. For industrial automation and control systems the potential