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  • How to Calibrate Pressure Instruments

    Hunter Vegas from Wunderlich Malec and Ned Espy and Roy Tomalino from Beamex present a two-part ISA webinar on the basics, crucial issues and best practices for successful pressure calibration.

  • An Editor's Education on Process Applications

    Besides learning about detailed best practices for calibrating pressure devices, Executive Editor Jim Montague was reminded of the underpinnings of not just pressure, but process applications in general.

  • pH Sensor Sensibility

    Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner Speak with Electrochemical Measurements Expert Jim Gray About the pH Electrode and Its Full Potential as a Measuring Tool

  • HART Interface Simplifies Setups

    MACTek's New Viator+ USB HART Interface Combines a Modem, Power Supply, Load Resistor and Quick Access Points in a Rugged and Compact Package

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