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Software & Integration Resource Center

The modern process plant can’t run without a successful program of software utilization and integration. As machines become more automated and sophisticated, their smooth integration becomes even more important. Programs need to speak to each other. Field instruments must communicate with the control room. Appropriate alarm notifications have to happen. Information must pass back and forth between all manner of programs and be accessible on all manner of devices. Software has to be secure. The Software and Integration Resource Center provides articles, white papers, news reports and product information about the latest technology to keep your industrial network humming—either wired or wirelessly.


White Papers: In Depth Research

  • Rocky Relationship Between Safety and Security

    Author: ABB

    This paper will discuss the methods used to ensure that the integration between the safety system and the BPCS DO NOT compromise Functional Independence and define best practices to secure an industrial system and in particular safety systems in this integ

  • Workforce Enablement

    Author: Schneider Electric

    Your Workforce Is Already Mobile. Now Give Them the Right Tools

  • Wonderware Historian

    Author: Schneider Electric

    Wonderware Historian can easily be integrated to your HMIs so that within a few minutes, you can be collecting data, not throwing information away.

  • The Washdown Dilemma: Consider IT Lifecycle in Plant-Floor PC Deployment

    Author: ItsEnclosures

    Download this white paper and learn whether you should specify a sealed, industrially hardened computer that's ready to deploy in a washdown environment, or to specify an appropriately sealed industrial enclosure into which a more general‐purpose compute