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Loop Tuning Resource Center


White Papers: In Depth Research

  • Don't Tune These Four Loops

    Author: Expertune/PlantTriage

    Some control loops cannot be improved by tuning. In fact, you might even make matters worse by tuning them. This white paper discusses four types of PID control loops that you absolutely should NOT tune. Download the white paper to discover how you can sav

  • Tuning the Forgotten Loop

    Author: Steve Rubin, President & CEO, Longwatch

    We can tune PID controllers, but what about tuning the operator?The purpose of tuning loops is to reduce errors and thus provide more efficient operation that returns quickly to steady-state efficiency after upsets, errors or changes in load. State-of-the-

  • Best Practices for Controller Tuning

    Author: Expertune

    Controller tuning can be accomplished quickly and accurately using proven techniques. While many engineers and technicians resort to "tune by feel," most will admit that this approach yields inconsistent results. While some might claim that controller tuni

  • Improving PID Controller Performance

    Author: National Instruments

    Proportional integral derivative (PID) control is the most commonly used control algorithm in the industry today. PID controller popularity can be attributed to the controller’s effectiveness in a wide range of operating conditions, its functional simplic