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White Papers: In Depth Research

  • Relational Database or Real-Time Historian for Logging Process Data?

    Author: Robert McIlvride, Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc.

    Know the right tool for logging data from a process control application

  • OPC Tunnelling – Know Your Options

    Author: Bob McIlvride, Andrew Thomas, Cogent Real-Time Systems

    This article will look at how tunnelling solves the issues associated with DCOM, and show you what to look for in an OPC tunnelling product.

  • Essentials of Local Visualization

    Author: Control Global

    What Do You Need to See? How to Specify Local Visualization

  • Designing a Control System for High Availability

    Author: Rockwell Automation, ICS Triplex

    This paper will discuss redundant and non-redundant methods for achieving high availability of control systems, as well as improvements in control technology and recommended control system designs. The paper will also highlight features within the Rockwell