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  • Death of the DCS

    Distributed control systems (DCSs) might not cease to exist completely, what's for sure is that instead of dying, they are going to evolve

  • State Logic to Aid Process Safety

    ABB is participating in the ISA106 committee's efforts to go beyond layers of protection, and integrate sequential and procedural safety methods into process control applications

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  • Three Reasons SCADA Software Is Going Nowhere

    Author: Inductive Automation

    Discover the top 3 reasons SCADA software can hold you back, what technological advancements you can use to get ahead, and how merging SCADA and IT can have a powerful effect on your company.

  • Big Data: Improving Decisions thru Smart Instrumentation

    Author: SOR

    Analyzing "Big Data" provides decision makers with tools to make better operational decisions impacting efficiency, costs, security, and ultimately contribute to greater profits. Download this white paper to learn the role of smart instrumentation, and fin

  • SCADA Systems - Looking Ahead

    Author: Schneider Electric - Control MicroSystems

    This white paper provides insight into the evolution of the modern SCADA system and looks to the very near future by discussing such timely topics as: Improving system efficiency and security Managing field data and Open standards

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