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Temperature Transmitters
Five new temperature transmitters that provide 0.08% accuracy have been introduced. Model 9100D temperature transmitter is HART-compatible, while Models 7600H and 4500H are PC-programmable. Model 7600D is PC-programmable, providing 2-wire, 4-20mA or 20-4mA with optional HART signal superimposed. Also included are three head-mount temperature transmitters. Model 9100H is HART-compatible, while Models 7600H and 4500H are PC-programmable. All three models are available with optional digital display meters (for local indication of process temperature, 0-100% of scale, or the 4-20mA output). Software used by the five new transmitters allows custom configuration, permitting the entering of unique linearization in non-standard electrical inputs that enhance temperature measurement accuracy. They are microprocessor-based, can be configured by a PC (as well as a HART communicator for the HART-compatible units), and take all universal temperature inputs (RTD, thermocouple, resistance, and millivolt). The transmitters can be supplied with FM, CSA or ATEX hazardous area certifications. GL (marine) approval is also optionally available.
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