RTD Temperature Sensing I/O Module

Opto 22 has released the SNAP-AIRTD-10, a two-channel analog input module used tomonitor temperature via connection to copper resistance temperature detectors (RTDs.)The SNAP-AIRTD-10 provides two channels of analog temperature input from 10-ohm copperRTDs, which makes it well-suited for deployment in older installations. The module has aninput range of -180 °C to +260 °C (-292 °F) to +500 °F) and can also be used for 0-25 ohms resistancemeasurements. With its wide input temperature range, high over-range limits for RTD input,and small footprint, the module will prove most useful in water treatment, refrigeration,thermoforming, curing, autoclaving, refining, PID loop control, welding and othertemperature monitoring applications that require high resolution measurements with minimal drift.

Development of the 10-ohm SNAP-AIRTD-10 nicely complements Opto 22's SNAP-AIRTD input module, which accepts 100-ohm platinum RTD inputs. The addition of the SNAP-AIRTD-10 also expands Opto 22's line of multi-channel analog input modules for interfacing to RTDs, thermocouples, ICTDs, thermistors and infrared sensors for the purposes of remote monitoring and data acquisition.

The SNAP-AIRTD-10 is priced at $245.00 USD and is available now from the Opto 22 Web site and a network of authorized distributors.

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