Hoffman's Fusion G7 Global Wall-Mount Enclosure

Hoffman'a Fusion G7 Global Wall-Mount Enclosure features a scalable design with a host of internal component mounting provisions and options. The Fusion G7 offers the functionality and flexibility needed to provide a wall-mount enclosure solution for a range of industries and applications. Robust Fusion G7 enclosures are available in 30 standard metric sizes. Enclosures include a galvanized back panel and easy-to-install removable bottom gland plate that facilitates easy cable entry modifications and wire installation. The Fusion G7 incorporates an optional internal grid system that allows multiple internal panel and component configurations, increasing the mounting area capacity within the same or smaller footprint allotted by traditional wall-mount offerings. An array of flexible internal mounting accessories designed for ease of installation and flexibility include full- and half-height back and side panels, front to back side-mount brackets, DIN rail adapter brackets, and swing-out panels — all installed without drilling holes through the enclosure walls. In addition, the standard right-hand hinged door is easily reversible with pre-punched and sealed holes, creating easy access to components — even in space-constricted applications.

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