Mecco's EtherMark EtherNet/IP Communication Package

The patent-pending EtherMark package is the latest ground-breaking technology in Mecco Marking & Traceability's "125 Years of Marking Innovation." It is available exclusively through Mecco, and it allows marking systems to connect and communicate directly with factory floor programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The new technology produces an EtherNet/IP solution that significantly reduces custom programming and eliminates the need for fragile PCs on the shop floor. EtherMark enables marking equipment to be controlled by the PLC via EtherNet/IP utilizing only one command for marking a job file. What typically might have taken 30 or more hours of programming and integration work while using other marking systems now may be reduced to as little as eight minutes using EtherMark with the included Add-On Profile.

For more information, contact Mecco Marking & Traceability's Dan Prokop, Marketing Manager, at, or 1.888.369.9190, extension 253.

CG1405 Mecco EtherMark HMIScreen
Industrial Networks
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Network Management Devices