Guided Wave Radar vs. Differential Pressure Transmitters for Liquid Level Measurement


Differential pressure transmitters were first implemented in the 1950s but are still one of the most commonly used technologies for measuring liquid level in process industries. In many areas of the industrial level measurement market - including chemical, petrochemical, refining, and electric power generation-differential pressure transmitters have captured the vast majority of level applications; and still represent the largest worldwide sales volume of process level measurement equipment. Their popularity and installed base is so prevalent because DP transmitters are versatile, cost-effective, and due to their long history, plant personnel are familiar with their operation.

Over the years, however, newer level measurement devices have emerged and are consistently capturing market share from older technologies which utilize mechanical and pressure-based measurement-including DP transmitters. Technologies such as Non-Contact Radar, RF Capacitance, Ultrasonic, Magnetostrictive, and GuidedWave Radar employ the latest microprocessor-based digital electronics. By incorporating internal diagnostics, these devices have improved the control, analysis, communication, and overall reliability of fluid level management systems

Although DP transmitters presently remain the dominant instrument for level measurement, their worldwide market share is expected to steadily erode in the presence of growing demand for the newer level measurement technologies. Manufacturers, keenly aware of the market shift at play, are allocating significant research and development assets to ensure that these newer technologies continue to offer additional performance, functionality, affordability, and ease of use.

Leading the assault is GuidedWave Radar (GWR), which is among the most versatile of technologies now being used for liquid level measurement. It is also one of the newest and fastest growing technologies, having gained tremendous acceptance due to the significant advantages it offers over other level measurement devices. Not only does GWR usually outperform conventional level measurement technologies, a GWR radar transmitter is extremely compact and easy to install and operate. The latest generation of GuidedWave Radar transmitters is a formidable contender as a potential market-wide replacement to the universally entrenched differential pressure transmitters.

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