SCADA Systems Automate Electrical Distribution

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How Automation Improves Performance of Electric Utilities. PC-based supervisory control and data acquisition systems increase uptime, cut costs and improve utilization.

Electric utilities must meet increasing demand for reliable power distribution while coping with decreasing tolerance for disruptions and outages. More than ever, utilities are squeezed to do more with less, and recognize the need to improve the efficiency of their power generation and distribution systems.

Fortunately, many areas of the existing electrical distribution system can be improved through automation. Furthermore, by automating the distribution system now, utilities will be ready to meet the challenges of integrating intermittent supply sources like solar, wind and other distributed energy resources (DERs).

Automating electrical distributions systems by implementing a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system is the one of the most cost-effective solutions for improving reliability, increasing utilization and cutting costs.

With an understanding of the unique needs of electric distribution providers, this white paper offers an in depth explanation of how utilities can meet today’s challenges as well as those of tomorrow.